Thomas sabo

THOMAS SABO is a global lifestyle brand based in Lauf / Germany and founded in 1984 by company owner Thomas Sabo. Together with the company's creative director, Susanne K├Âlbli, he develops all the designs that give the brand its signature style.
The THOMAS SABO brand is synonymous with extraordinary design and versatility. The firm currently consists of four different collections: THOMAS SABO Sterling Silver, THOMAS SABO Charm Club, THOMAS SABO Watches and THOMAS SABO Beauty. All collections can be harmoniously combined with the others and offer the customer the combination of various options in terms of materials, design and colors.
THOMAS SABO is synonymous with the highest quality, which is why the company only uses high-quality materials, such as 925 sterling silver or zircons, as well as stainless steel and ceramic for its watches. Today, the products are available around the world with more than 160 own stores and more than 2000 wholesale partners spread over five continents. Thomas Sabo also uses sales channels such as its Online Store or Travel Retail, where the brand is also available on board the main airlines.
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