The Italian brand founded in 2008 by creative director and entrepreneur Carlo Zanuso, a fashion and architecture enthusiast. Pomandère interprets womenswear according to its own recognisable and confident style, which stands out for the tailor-made design and production of each garment. Marked by a chromatic line impregnated with neutrals, pure geometries and quality raw materials, he is able to unite craftsmanship with elegance, resulting in unique pieces. In addition, it also plays with that side of interior design, through the manufacture of unique decoration for the home.

What Zanuso wants is to give his customers new jewellery to complete their wardrobe, to make them feel unique when dressing. He is also a lover of nature, he recognises its beauty, and therefore he is very conscious of this point in the manufacture and elaboration of his collections, committing himself more and more to the sustainability of his activity.

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