At only 22 years old, the Moto GP world champion Fabio Quartararo has managed to drive people crazy and bring back the passion behind motorcycling. But also, he has aroused the interest of the French fashion brand, IKKS.

Fabio's personality (both inside and outside MotoGp), qualities, history and passion for motorcycles since he was a child have been a landmark and symbolism to represent the brand values of IKKS.

Not only does he represent that fair play or competitiveness, but his calmness, effort and perseverance are responsible for great achievements.

IKKS is more than just a brand. It is all those free souls who seek to defy the rules of life in order to achieve their own style. And that they can adopt it to any area of life.

They seek to create a tribe of people who have or share the same values

And that's why IKKS wanted to reflect what's behind the Italian sports/motorcycling figure.

Because beyond the races hides a "devil", with a "rocker" and urban style, a hallmark of men's fashion.

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