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Imagine a sea of sand, undulated only by the lines drawn by the wind. Let yourself be carried away by the winding valleys, in a solitary space, where the footprints that mark your passage are the point of union between you and the desert that surrounds you. This uncontaminated environment, as difficult as it is rich in contrasts, lends itself to the suggestions of the new Pomandère SS23 collection. Its strong evocative impact, in which everything is governed by the mood of nature, translates into a collection in which, once again, seemingly distant concepts come together, managing to capture the point of contact and translate it into a profound synergy.

Blue tones illuminated by yellow.

The star of this summer collection is the pyjama. Present in cotton fabrics that have a more everyday use - such as embossed micro striped and multicoloured poplin - that combine the shirt with shorts; in more precious and special fabrics, such as piece-dyed twill, with a more rigorous and clean look, and in the geometric jacquard in viscose and linen, designed in a combination of sky blue and long trousers. The choice to make pyjamas the inspirational garment of this collection is based on the versatility of the same that combines comfort and practicality of use, with a look that takes on an incisive character, so it fits perfectly with the brand's identity, never predictable. The dragging of the viscose and linen fabric, applied to the simpler proposal of trousers and jacket, is embellished with an irregular dyed effect that gives an artisanal, dusty look. Navy blue colours the jersey and cotton poplin for a more complete look, realised in a new tailored cut trouser with pleats at the front, while in a flowing silk habotai skirt for a more luminous and attractive effect.

Green tones illuminated by lime shades.

The protagonist of this collection is revisited in a safari key, detailed in the cuts of the sleeves, in the application of macro pockets, in the use of belts at the waist. The safari inspiration is proposed in a fluid and opaque tencel fabric, which finds its realisation in a structured trench coat, strictly in khaki, combined with the iconic soft-cut trousers. The recognisable Pomandère outerwear is reinterpreted in an innovative way, in a herringbone texture with a wrinkled and irregular effect. The presence of denim is renewed, revisited in stone-washed grey to create a three-dimensional, faded canvas. In addition to the figures already seen last season, the range has been extended with a comfort short. Natural dyes are also continued, finding greater depth in a wider variety of styles and colours, supporting the brand's firm belief in sustainability. Reseda yellow and pomegranate peel green also colour a selection of accessories. The dustier, more ethereal look present in the naturally dyed garments gives way to the sheen of all those fresh cool tones translated into silk satin underwear and beachwear. The versatility of these garments translates into the possibility of integrating them coherently into sophisticated and highly refined looks or classic wear.

Cream and butter tones tainted by burnt sienna and black.

The safari-themed inspiration is reinforced by the concept of the cargo trousers which, developed in a high-waisted high-waisted cut with adjustable strap, are designed to be paired with an oversized poplin shirt. This mood is complemented by a structured cotton poplin short jumpsuit with maxi side pockets in sand, a striped kaftan in butter and burnt sienna with appliquéd tassels. The butter and black print, presented in positive and negative to recall the depth of the shadow, is characterised by a soft and irregular line. It is proposed on a buttery background on the oversize shirt with cut-outs and on a black background on the wide jumpsuit. Even the lace, in butter and black with a wavy texture, recalls the sinuous movements of the sand in its dancing vortex moved by the wind. The transparency and lightness of the lace are reinforced by the sinuous weave that is present in the crochet knitwear, developed in the butter-coloured perforated tank top, in the black round neck with patchwork ruffles and in the perforated sleeveless top.

Shades of orange and lilac.

The camouflage themed print, declined in orange colours, finds its expression in the waterproof outerwear, one short and one long with drawstring and hood, for a more technical outerwear concept. This new proposal is also in solid colour, in a blush tone, making this contemporary part of the collection more elegant and refined. The counterpoint to these technical garments is defined by the use of a fluid viscose satin, realised in a suit made up of kimono and shorts that once again moves in the inspiration of chic pyjamas. In the same refined and elegant direction also the shantung in crumpled linen, realised in a yellow flared jumpsuit. Touches of lilac are in the oversized sleeveless version of a jersey sweatshirt, as well as in an iconic ensemble composed of a shirt and flared trousers in habotai silk. Denim is presented here in a deep blue wash, which is particularly summery. New to the category are two outerwear items: a long one with lapels and a more casual jacket with patch pockets and a square shape. The alpaca knit, in an evolution of different materials and weights, finally finds expression in a draped cardigan on the soft turtleneck and a short-sleeved polo shirt.

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